Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ssa, aly

So I'm trying to teach Alyssa how to spell her name. I've taught it to her by saying Aly ... ssa, in a catchy little way of course. ;) ...well, she loves saying the ssa part so that is how she always starts and then she remembers that aly is part of it. So I'll say, "Alyssa how do you spell your name?" and she'll say "ssa, aly!" :) She just loves saying it that way...hopefully she'll switch it around someday. ;)
Another cute thing this morning was how Alyssa was acting towards her sister this morning at breakfast. First of all she asked if she could sit next to Emi (usually I sit between them), then I got them their breakfast and milk, and then went into the other room. I overheard Alyssa say, "my milk tastes like egg-milk (no idea what that means???)" and then she turns to Emi and asks, "Emi, does your milk taste like egg-milk too?" I know this doesn't sound like anything big, but the whole egg-milk thing was so cute, and the way that she was talking with her sister was adorable. She said it so nicely and like she was really expecting Emi to respond to her question and have a big girl conversation with her...it was fun to hear and encouraging to see them interact like that!


Jenn Saylor said...

That is very sweet...they are so cute together.

Amy said...

Hey, I get it. you will take all you can get. I totally feel that way with the boys and make sure to always point out how sweet one is being with the other! Those times are FEW and FAR between for us.