Friday, March 26, 2010

Beautiful weather = PARK!!!

The other day the girls and I spent the morning at the park...having a little picnic, playing soccer/baseball, and of course playing on the play ground. It was such a beautiful day out and we had a great time! :)

Tyson loved being able to get out and enjoy the weather too. :)
...even Barbie got to come along and play! ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some random March pics

Here's what we've been up to this month so far...

Going to breakfast with Daddy on Sunday's in the convertible. :)

Watching our friend Devin...he loved Bailey (and Bailey was so excited that someone was paying attention to him!) ;)
The girls and Devin had a great time playing together!
Waiting while the bride tries on her dress...can't show those pics yet! :)
Fun Chuck E Cheese dinner play date!

I love how amazed they always are to see themselves on the screen. :)
Yummy cupcake treat afterwards!!!

When Emi's tired, she'll lay down anywhere!
I'm so excited that Emi is finally liking to 'move' in the swing, instead of just sit in it...she actually lets me push her pretty fast now!

I LOVE this girl! We were going to dinner at my parents house one night and when I asked her to get ready this is what she came out wearing! LOL
...and she wore it almost the whole night! What a funny girl. :)
My parents yard is big and has lots of fun exploring areas...the girls had such a great time running around the yard.

Some of our Bible Study girls.
Emi did a great job helping make fresh lemonade this year!
Alyssa playing dress-up...and of course the veil is always a must! ;)
Our last dinner at Steamers. :( They'll be closing w/in the week probably.
Alyssa working very hard on her scrapbook page for our wonderful new friend!

My sweet Joy-Joy

Emi loves to's some short clips of her favorite songs:
"Holy, Holy, Holy"
"Jesus Loves Me"
"I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart" ...kind of ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sarah Groves Concert

A couple weeks ago some friends joined Alyssa & I at a Sarah Groves concert. We had a really fun time...even though it wasn't really what we had expected (more of a Food for the Hungry event, than a concert...thanks Janet for keeping the kids entertained w/your phone through all the talks!). Kami did get to stay after and meet her though, which was so awesome for her! We didn't quite make it that long...Alyssa was so tired by the end that she just started crying for no reason so we left pretty quickly at that point. She had a ton of fun before that though so it was definitely worth it! :)

All smiles after some yummy pizzookie! :)
What cutie pies!
I love how Zoe and Alyssa are trying to look & smile for the picture but can't look away from the movie screen for a second!

Ellie was so sweet to share her blankie with tired Alyssa. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Alyssa finished her 1st acting class a couple weeks ago. She loved it and did a great job! She was the youngest person in the class, but held her own and didn't get shy at all. In the final performance she was Goldilocks...she had so many lines and remembered them all, it was SO cute!!! I'm so bummed because there are no other classes available right now for her until she's at least 5 or 6, depending on where you take them, and she's so ready to jump right back in!
Pics of the Goldilocks & the 3 bears part - my video didn't come out great :(
Tasting the porridge.
Sleeping in the baby bear's bed
Running all the way home! :)
Alyssa & her teacher

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Misc. February Pics

Emi and 'her baby Brooklyn' :)

Nate surprised me with a new camera for Valentine's Day (my old one was taking blurry pictures after I dropped it one too many times). We had to try it out at breakfast as soon as I opened it. :)
I love these girls!
Alyssa took an acting class last month and after one of her classes a local youth theater co. was doing a little deal at the local Chic-fil-A so the girls and I went and the girls got to join in on some of the skits! :) Alyssa of course loved it, Emi...not so much. LOL I never thought Emi would be shy in a situation like that be she totally was (see video). I didn't get a video of Alyssa but she got to be the Itsy Bitsy Spider in her skit.

I loved how enthralled the girls were!
The girls got to make goat masks after the skits. I loved how cute and helpful the kids from the theater were!

Here's some pics of the girls enjoying the Arizona rain! (excuse the first two pics...I was trying different things with my new camera and it didn't work so well, but i still liked the pics) ;)