Monday, June 30, 2008


WOW! I can't believe my little Emi is ONE!!! She is becoming more fun everyday...from her dry sense of humor that just cracks me up to her calling ma-ma for everything and then when I pick her up I get the biggest hugs. :) Thank you Lord for Emily and all the little blessings you give throughout the day!
I love you 'boo-bear'!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Do you love Eric too???

So Alyssa has recently discovered princesses...specifically Ariel and Cinderella. She really loves Aerial though...and Prince Eric (who's name she can't say without blushing and smiling).
Tonight we were at a store and while checking out we ran in to Ne-ne (aka our friend Renee). Alyssa ran up to her and stayed with her while she was checking out, while we were in another line. I have no idea how Ariel came up, but we could hear her start on a role with Ariel this and Ariel that. Thankfully the cashier was kind enough to go along with it. She was saying how much she loved Ariel too and that she was her favorite princess when she was growing up, etc. etc. etc. Alyssa couldn't believe it, you could tell she was just in awe of this cashier...and then we hear Alyssa ask her, "Do you love Eric TOO?"
Oh my goodness I can't tell you how cute it was, we all just burst out laughing!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blog backgrounds

Thanks Amy and Melissa! I love that you can add different backgrounds then just what blogspot offers, how fun!!! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank you Jesus for the house, the heart, and the circle???

Last night Nate put Alyssa to bed and after Nate prays, Alyssa will pray and thank Jesus for whatever comes to her mind. ...Usually it starts off with, "Thank you Jesus for Mercy, Eli & TJ" (not sure how/when Eli got added to her list since she never sees him, but I guess since he's TJ's brother he's got an in...Logan I'm sure you'll make the list soon!), and then an occasional "thank you Jesus for Sam" (depending on if they had fun or fought with each other that day). ;) So last night she prayed her normal prayer and then thanked Jesus for the house (Nate thought hmmm, that's new, but cool), the hearts (then he thought, that's kind of weird, but maybe they were talking about the hearts of mankind in her room at church tonight), and the circle (what???)! Then he remembered her new toy...see picture below. :)

Lord willing one day she'll be thanking Jesus for... OUR house that He has provided for us and she will be praying for the hearts of man.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today Alyssa and I were at the pool with the Myers gang and we were all joking about who they love...'Sam do you love Alyssa?', 'Alyssa do you love TJ?', and of course there was no question for Anna, she stated right away that she loves James...and then Alyssa screams, 'I LOVE JESUS'! My heart melted!!! Praise God for signs that He is working in our little ones hearts. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Jesus Loves Me!!!

Alyssa sings this so cute so I tried to get it on video...this was the best one after many, MANY takes. ;)

Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Depert

Okay, so I finally got this on video! For those of you who may not know I was in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year, which is a world-wide woman's Bible study (they have a men's one too, you can check it out at ). The cool thing was that since Alyssa is 2 now she can come with me and go to her own little Bible study (she calles it her 'Jesus class') while I'm in mine. She LOVED it! ...and she loved her teachers, Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Depert. I've never seen her so excited about people before. She is constantly coming up to me and just saying their names...nothing else, just their names...and then she just gets the biggest grin on her face and becomes instantly shy. It is sooo cute! So I thought I'd try to capture it on video and share it with you all...

"All done"

YEAH! ...Emi's learning some sign language, check this out. ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shhhh, it's 'quiet time'

Alyssa had a sleepover with Mercy last weekend and they were so cute! They slept in the same room and did pretty good...although they didn't fall asleep until almost 9pm and they woke up before 6am! They were pretty tired since both of them usually sleep 7pm-7am! we had some quiet time before going to story time at the library. Thanks to Alyssa and Mercy's 'Jesus class' (aka Bible Study Fellowship) they were used to quiet time on mats! They are so cute!!! Alyssa thanks Jesus every night for her wonderful friend Mercy.

Emi's walking! ...well kind of

Emi's cruising w/her bike...hopefully she'll be walking on her own soon! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Alyssa feeding Emily

So, I haven't let Alyssa feed Emily yet because of the vision of mess I imagine when I even consider that happening. ...well, one day while walking into the kitchen Alyssa jumped up into my seat and just started feeding her. It was actually really cute, and she did a great job! Go Alyssa!!! :)

Emi...dancing, well sort of

Here's a SMALL taste of what she does when we sing to her or play music... I guess she's a little camera shy.

Alyssa 'feeding' the Elephants

Alyssa and I went with Brandon and his mommy, Miss Holly, to the zoo one morning to 'feed the elephants'. Ok, so we didn't REALLY get to feed them like you would think, but it was really fun. The kids got to first go through little exhibits to teach them how Elephants eat, play, etc. and then we got to go into where the elephants live and hide food for them to find. Then once we leave they let the elephants out and we got to watch them find the food. The kids loved it!

Misc. May pics...

My little firefighters... She loves her dress up princess shoes!

Emi's standing up on her own...

Alyssa & Mercy ... Happy Mother's Day!!!

This is why we love Bailey...

There are so many pictures of the girls climbing on Bailey, pulling his ears and so on...but these are the cutest ones. :)

Misc. April pics

Here I am catching up AGAIN! I really do want to keep up on this...I'll keep trying. ;)

All she needed was a litte lipstick... isn't she beautiful!?!? ;)

Here are the girls putting on a puppet show...well kind of. It pretty much consisted of Alyssa putting a puppet on her finger and Emily trying to get it off to eat it! ...but they're learning to play together and they weren't fighting so I think it was a great 'puppet show'! :)