Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoying the weather

Here are some pics from the past week of the girls and I enjoying the beautiful weather we had and then trying to 'enjoy' the HOT weather that snuck up on us. :)

They just won't smile when I take their picture together! :(

This is as close as Emi would get!
Alyssa LOVED it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Alyssa...

Today on the way home from BSF we were listening to some iSix:5 and Alyssa was asking what they were talking about.  I was explaining that it was about living for God and finishing well until we're in heaven.  Whenever we talk about heaven she always says she can't wait to be there and be with God, but this time she said "I don't want to go to heaven."  We talked about why we should desire to be in heaven, but that we don't need to worry about when we're going, God is in control of that.  Then she said, "okay I want to go, but I have to take a nappers (aka nap) first!" :)  

Then a couple minutes later she asked, "how will I get to heaven?  Maybe God could make me like Tinkerbell and I could have wings and fly there...or maybe I could fly in a helicopter and go up, up, up."  (Nate just took the girls to an airplane/helicopter show on Saturday)

I know I've said this before, but I just love listening to what goes through her mind...and cannot wait to hear what is rolling through Emi's little mind! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter pics :-)

We had such a great time this year remembering what our wonderful Savior has done for us and how amazing God is for raising Him from the dead. Jesus is alive!!! Alyssa really enjoyed learning all about Jesus' death and resurrection...and I loved reading it too her so many times! I try to read and teach her the same stories over and over again so she really gets it, but God ends up using the repetition of His Word so much more in my life. God is so good!

The girls were pretty slow to wake up, but they still enjoyed opening their Easter baskets and getting all dolled up to go enjoy our wonderful outdoor Easter church service! :-)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Misc. April Pictures

Our garden and grape vine a couple weeks ago! ...more recent pics to come soon. :)
Alyssa's swim lessons...and Emi and I trying to stay warm while watching her(her lessons were 2 weeks ago when it was a lot cooler and we were having those crazy winds)!
More misc. Disney Princess Dance class pics.
Here's the girls playing in the rain one morning.
Herbrandson family movie night - part 2.  Now showing - Bolt.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just playing around...

These are from the beginning of April.  I'd been meaning to take some video for a while of some funny things the girls are doing right now and finally remembered to do it!  Here they are, along w/a couple misc. pics...

I used to be a soccer goalie so I had to take a video of this!  Every time Emi goes to catch the ball she dives on it, like a soccer goalie. :)
This is just a misc. video clip of funny things the girls are saying....Emi loves to say "Goooooo BABY" or "Goooooo DADDY" when we're driving; every morning that daddy is at work she'll say "Daddy?" and I'll say "he's at work" and then she'll get this cute look on her face and say "oooohhhh" (this didn't turn out too cute on the video because I was trying to make her say it, but you get the point); Alyssa calls her sister Emerly which I think is cute so I wanted to make sure I captured that on video; the last part is Alyssa spelling her name....she totally knows how to spell it, but loves the 'ssa' part so she always spells it that way.
Alyssa singing Trust and Obey one of her new favorites. :)
Girls playing Ring Around the Rosie.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catch up time! ...March misc. pics

It's been a LONG time since I've posted pics of the girls...and I have a lot of them!  I figured it best to just post all the pictures from March that I haven't posted yet in one post.  Here we go....  :)

If Emi wakes up before Alyssa she loves to run into her room, jump on her bed (she really loves 'the big girl' bed!), and lay next to her until she wakes up.  It's so cute!  Alyssa sleeps on her face, as you can see, and she won't move her face until she is ready to get up...the 3rd picture shows her rubbing Emi's back, but still not moving.  She's so funny!
Alyssa's Disney Princess dance class...this was the first class, since then she's worn her Cinderella dress-up dress.  I'll have to get pictures of that soon!  Emi wore her Belle shirt to support Alyssa. ;)
Misc. cute zoo pic
The girls helping daddy in the garden...updated garden pics are coming!
More pics from Emi's tumbling class...Alyssa got to join in a little.
Mommy and Lys pedicure to celebrate staying dry at night...WOOHOO!!!!
Dog show with the fam.  Emi loves her some puppies!!!  (That's for you Melissa!) ;)