Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catch up time! ...March misc. pics

It's been a LONG time since I've posted pics of the girls...and I have a lot of them!  I figured it best to just post all the pictures from March that I haven't posted yet in one post.  Here we go....  :)

If Emi wakes up before Alyssa she loves to run into her room, jump on her bed (she really loves 'the big girl' bed!), and lay next to her until she wakes up.  It's so cute!  Alyssa sleeps on her face, as you can see, and she won't move her face until she is ready to get up...the 3rd picture shows her rubbing Emi's back, but still not moving.  She's so funny!
Alyssa's Disney Princess dance class...this was the first class, since then she's worn her Cinderella dress-up dress.  I'll have to get pictures of that soon!  Emi wore her Belle shirt to support Alyssa. ;)
Misc. cute zoo pic
The girls helping daddy in the garden...updated garden pics are coming!
More pics from Emi's tumbling class...Alyssa got to join in a little.
Mommy and Lys pedicure to celebrate staying dry at night...WOOHOO!!!!
Dog show with the fam.  Emi loves her some puppies!!!  (That's for you Melissa!) ;)


Amy said...

Yah, right a pedicute for "Lys". Nice cover Jen :)

Amy said...

whoops, pedicuRe

Filleman Family said...

Okay - so trying not to be jealous of the dance class AND that a day out with mommy includes a pedicure . . . I would love that, but D/P/G not so much. Is Lys sleeping in her shoes in that picture? Sweet girls:)

Jason and Lisa said...

Such cute pics.

I'm with Amy...nice cover Jen. Way to go Alyssa though! :)

Andrea Downing said...

your girls could not be any cuter! miss you guys!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute! The girls look adorable! So loving the pedicure idea, and it looks like you both enjoyed it!