Monday, November 1, 2010

Misc. October & Halloween pics

We went to our friend Evelyn's 2nd birthday party at a really fun pumpkin patch/farm in Glendale.  Daddy and Alyssa were at another party that morning so I had the whole morning with just Emi! :)  We had a great time!!!
Here's Emi playing in a bunch of corn.

She loved the baby chicks!

The cupcakes looked amazing and very delicious!  Farm animals and pumpkins, PERFECT!!!

I think she could've played in the corn maze and on these bales of hay all day. :)

Nate and I were able to attend the Cardinals game against
the Saints, thanks to a sweet friend who gave us tickets. :)
We had such a great time!!!

We were so thankful to be able to have Mercy & Laney over for a day and a sleepover, we miss them so much!!  The girls had such a great time!

The little ones are SO silly! ;)

The next morning we got to play with our friend Devin too!  They all did some fall crafts and did such a great job. :)

We copied their hand and then made a tree.  They decorated it with 'leaves' (colored tissue paper).

Then we made jack-o-lantern faces.

Gotta include rain pictures when it rains! ;)

Pumpkin carving!

The girls did such a good job cleaning out their pumpkin this year...they shared one (thanks Wendy!), since I forgot to buy some!  oops :(

Emi was loving cousin Zach and wanted to help him with his pumpkin the whole time!

Usually we all line up after we're done and get a picture taken with our pumpkins...but Nate & I were in urgent care w/Emi.  She fell backwards on the pool decking and got a HUGE 'goose egg' on the back of her head.  I never fully understood that phrase until Saturday was literally like she had an egg sticking right on the back of her head.  SO scary!  She's ok though, praise God!!!! anyways, here's pictures of the girls at our house with their pumpkins.   Minnie Mouse (kind of hard to see the bow) and a heart.

Beautiful, silly cousins :)

My little Rapunzel :)

My beautiful Rapunzel & Snow White
(Derek was nice enough to let us borrow a real Rapunzel wig for Halloween night, this wig is my attempt...not so good!  Thank you Derek, Alyssa loved wearing the 'correct wig' on Halloween!)  :)

Our family! :)

All the kiddos at Kami's Halloween night.

Time to trick or treat!!!

We had to wrap the Rapunzel wig around her neck so she wouldn't trip over it! LOL

The girls LOVE Miss Alex and were so excited to trick or treat with her. :)