Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10???

Alyssa's been doing some funny thing with numbers lately.

1st of all if I ask her how much of something she'll say... "1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10!!!" ...or she'll just skip to the "7, 8, 9, 10!" It's pretty cute. She just knows that's more than 1 or 2 so she wants that many! ;)

2nd of all her birthday is in one month so we've been talking about how she'll be turning 3, but whenever we ask her how old she is now she'll say '1' and then how old she will be she says '6'??? I have no idea where 6 came from, but she'll be 6, I'm 6, Grandma's 6, etc.! She's growing up too quickly. ;)

***explanation of the crazy picture... She's had her build-a-bear (aka Briya Bear) since Christmas, but all of a sudden today she wanted to dress Briya and have her and Briya wear matching hats. She even wanted to take Briya to play group and wear her hat inside during play group. Too cute, I had to take a picture. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Psalm 16:7

"I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me."

Praise God for His Word! I love this promise that, by knowing His Word and having it written on our hearts, He will instruct us even at night...after long exhausting days!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congratulations Happygod!!!

Happygod became a US Citizen today...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Here are some pics of the ceremony today, his smile says it all. :-)

Those are all the people who became an US citizen today

Happygod filling out all his paperwork.

Celebrating with one HAPPY Happygod! :)

Some more fun things the girls are doing & saying...

Emily has started saying 'uh-oh' which is so cute and she almost always shakes her head yes or no when you ask her a question...it usually doesn't match what the correct answer should be though! ;)

She also has started doing a cute thing when I pick her up when she wakes up. I always give her a big tight hug and say 'mmmmmmm' and she's just started doing it back. She'll hug me tight and say 'mmmmm' until I let her go. Aaahhh, just melts my heart!

Also, most of her 'words' (aka sounds) are 'ma' or 'ba' (they do sound different depending on what she's asking for, but probably only to me) ;) , but yesterday she actually said the word 'ball' so that was pretty exciting!

I remembered a few more cute things Alyssa has been doing and since I already forgot them when posting the previous post I figured I better write them down now before I forget them again...

So I'm not sure if this one is cute or just plain strange! She is always saying that things are getting her, like she hear's a garbage truck and even if she can't see it she yells, 'the garbage truck is getting me' or if we're outside walking w/out shoes she yells 'the ants are getting me' and so on and so on. Very odd!
In regards to the previous 'Ariel/Eric' post, she has now changed to Cinderella. Everything is related to Cinderella...birds making noises must be the same birds that wake up Cinderella, any castle (or even just a big house) HAS to of course be Cinderella's house, if someone is dressed up they must be wearing Cinderella's dress and her hair is of course just like Cinderella's, and she really loves saying 'bippity boppity boo'. What a cutie pie!

She has also started to say things like 'mommy i'm going to do'_' later or tomorrow or after naps...or she'll say all three together. For instance, 'mommy, later tomorrow after naps we can watch Cinderella, okay?' or 'tomorrow we'll go to swim lessons' (which we haven't taken in over a month now!) or 'later after naps Mercy come over and sleep in my Cinderella sleeping bag, okay?' (of course that one is w/a big smile on her face).

...and the final one actually was said correctly for the first time today, but I'm still posting what she has been saying up until today because it was too cute. Everytime we pass McDonald's she yells 'Mom, there's Mc-A-Donald's!' I'm not sure where the 'A' came from, but it is really cute...or it WAS really cute while it lasted. ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family trip to Prescott

This past weekend we went up to a cabin in Prescott with Nate's parents and brother's family (Eric, Wendy, Zach, Emma, & Ava). We enjoyed nice weather, good food, and a little bit of relaxation. ;)

Enjoying some homemade/microwavable s'mores...I think the girls liked them! ;)
The Herbrandson boys!
Alyssa loved being with her cousin Emma! They just ran around and giggled all day. :)
Emma's trying REALLY hard to get Alyssa to look at the camera! ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Alyssa...

Alyssa has said a couple funny things lately that I thought I better write down to remember. :-)

First, she's always asking what everyone's name is (kids names, their mommy's names, people driving by, etc., etc.), so... we're watching the Olympics - men's gymnastics - and she said 'what's the little man's name'. I don't know why, but that was really funny to me. She definitely doesn't say that when we watch football! ;)

Second, when she eats something good she turns to me and says 'mommy, this is delicious!' It hasn't been while eating anything I've made, but it's still cute.

Third, while watching football, there was a play where they were all running around chasing a guy, I guess it looked like they were running in circles because Alyssa turns to me and asks 'are they playing ring-around-the-rosie?'

Lastly (not sure how funny this is, but it is a constant part of our conversations so I figured I'd document it), I here 'WHY?' way too many times during the day! :) I try really hard to stay patient and teach her the things she's asking 'why' about, but boy is it tiring the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. time I hear it in the same conversation that really didn't even need a 'why' in the first place!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend away w/friends!

This past w/e we went up to a cabin near Show Low w/some of our friends that we've been friends with since high school (some of them have been friends since kindergarten!). We all had a great time just hanging out enjoying each other's company, playing games, the cooler weather, running in the grass (which my girls acted like they have never done before!), and reading. It was very fun!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


That is all I pretty much have to say... I'm just SOOOO excited!

I hope you all enjoy the 1st preseason game today!