Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goodbye Blog! :(

I've so loved updating my blog over the last couple years...and was so hoping to have a really great record of our family's events over the years, but....

A couple months ago I started getting updates saying I couldn't post any pictures because I had reached my limit and I would have to pay for extra storage.  I didn't know what to do and a couple people suggested clearing out the storage area where blogger stored my photos.  I did that and it worked! :) ...but I just realized (after deleting almost all the pictures) that it was deleting the pictures off my blog as well.  So after 3 1/2 years of posting, it's almost all gone. :(  I'm so frustrated I could just cry.  I have lost all desire to keep up with blogging (at least for now), maybe I'll decide to start a new blog one day???  As for this one though, I'M DONE!

Friday, March 11, 2011

December 2010 pics

Alyssa and her fancy dance moves. :)

The girls playing Cinderella...they were SO cute pretending!

 Now it's Emi's turn to be Cinderella. :)

 Cardinals game!!!!


 Day at the park with friends. :)

 They sat like this for the whole movie! LOL
 Making cheesecake with daddy!!!
 My friend found this really fun 'frosting' recipe...the girls got to paint on the sugar cookies, they had so much fun!

 The finished designs. ;)
 This was my rocking horse when I was a little girl...Emi LOVES it!!!

 Fun day at the zoo!!!  I tried to get a cute pic of all the kids...this is what I got! LOL
I finally just said, "give me silly faces!"
 Almost perfect. :)
 Christmas morning!
 My new ornaments this year. :)

 The girls were being so cute and snuggly!

 On our way to Flagstaff for some sledding, WOOHOO!!!

 It's snowing!

 So beautiful!!!

 We got snowed in and had to stay at the hotel an extra night...killing time with a movie right here. :)
 The drive home the next day.
 It's hard to see because our window was so dirty, but there was a huge storm on the left side and perfect blue skies on the right side...very cool!

 Celebrating New Year's Eve with sparklers for the 1st time!
The girls did so great!!!