Thursday, September 30, 2010

Misc. September pics...

Emi LOVES to just sit and play hungry hippos by herself. It is so cute to watch. :) ...and I love that she'll just wear her backpack around the house for no reason at all, I love this girl!

Here she is at the Children's Museum. She was so excited to be able to paint the castle, I think she could have stayed there all day!

Alyssa has been loving the puppies lately, it is so adorable! I love that Bailey lets the girls snuggle up with him. :)
1st day of BSF 2010

Dinner w/Zach and Amanda...the girls were so cute with them! Alyssa loves Miss Amanda, she went to sit on her lap and then she fell asleep within minutes. :) Emi just ran up to Zach after dinner and then just sat on his lap with the biggest smile until we left!

My grandma who died when I was 4 had a pottery wheel and kiln in her basement. I don't know the story behind it, but for some reason it always gave me a desire to learn how to make pottery...well thanks to a good Groupon deal my wishes came true! Nate was so kind to agree to go with me, we had a great time!

Alyssa got a new-to-her bed for her birthday (thank you Myers family!)...she was still in her toddler bed prior to this, which was just her crib with the front panel off, so this is a lot more sleeping space! You think she'd be all spread out, but she actually sleeps across the two pillows, just like she was still in her toddler bed. Funny girl! :)
A commercial came on with this music and Alyssa just started dancing to it...we kept playing it over and over without her realizing it and she just kept on dancing. It was so cute, I had to get it on video. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Misc. August pics...

Emi is so goofy, and I love every minute of it! Here she is already for breakfast, with her backpack on and wearing these hilarious sunglasses that she has (the flower lenses open to the side - and that's how she mostly wears them! LOL). :)

My cutie pies. :)
Blowing bubbles before heading into the zoo.
Emi's favorites, the zebras!!! (Alyssa's favorite is coming soon, the KOALA'S!)
The elephants were so cute that day!

Alyssa's learning how to take pictures, she did a great job on this one! :)
I love how Emi runs!!!
Playing in the rain!