Friday, August 20, 2010

Flagstaff Training Camp!!!

Yeah for football season starting and YEAH for getting away with friends for the w/e to see the Cardinals play! :)

Friday practice

Emi really enjoyed the practice! LOL She spent the whole time lining up rocks on the bench. ;)

Kenny enjoying some food on the patio with the kiddos.

Love this pic!

Look at this beautiful girl in her special Cardinals tutu - THANK YOU so much Amy for making these for all the girls! :)

Amy also made these Cardinal Football hair clippies for all the little girls! :)

Kenny finally got his black DRC jersey!

Breakfast in downtown Flag on the last day.

Enjoying some beautiful sunny weather at the local farmer's market before heading home.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Misc. July pics

Enjoying a Diamondbacks game with some fun ladies! :)

Yummy fondue dinner with friends.

4th of July...The girls were adorable doing little cheers before the fireworks started. Evi choreographed them! :)

There's always a dress-up picture to include. :)

Fancy tea party!

Nate got an iphone this past month and it is amazing to me how fast the girls learned how to use it!!! Here's Alyssa & Alexis playing with Nate's phone while waiting to be sat at a restaurant....

...and the younger sisters playing w/Kristy's phone!

Seriously, this is what I get when say look at the camera and smile???

A little better! :) ...This is the first class the girls got to take together.

Our friend Alaina's 5th birthday party - dress-up tea party. :)

Saying good-bye to sweet friends. :(

We couldn't get them to smile so we just had them do a goofy face!

Ready to go running with mommy...Emi actually did a great job, despite the 'face' in the picture. ;)

Such a good helper Emi is!

Enjoying a movie with Miss Pam & Miss Amanda! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

San Diego Trip

At the end of July my mom, the girls, and I took a quick trip to San Diego. We were able to go the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and hang out for a little bit in Sea Port Village. It was a fun, fast trip! :)

Here's my mom on our way in...going to the San Diego Zoo has been something she's wanted to do her whole life!

They loved getting their face painted!

The Polar Bear was one of my favorite exhibits!

Alyssa loved sitting on top of the double-decker bus!

It was so cool to get so close to the giraffes!

Emi loved the trampoline show, her face was like this the whole show...too cute! :)

The Koala Bear was one of all of our favorites!!!

This sky ride was the highlight of the day for the girls!!

Sea World

Emi's 1st 3D show...she kept the glasses on all the way until the show started! LOL

This seal was hilarious, he constantly kept begging people for food. He would wave his 'hand' like in the video and then slap it against the water to get people's attention. :)

They loved feeling the ice wall.

Just as we were leaving we saw Elmo and Zoe, the girls were so excited!

This is how we all felt after a long 2 days! :)