Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alyssa - acting & ballet

Alyssa has taken a couple classes over the last month or so (ballet and acting). Here's some random pics/videos from the classes.
*I'm having a very hard time getting the videos to post so I'll have to try to post them in a separate post. :(

Acting class #1 - random skits and games

Acting Class #2 - Swine Lake

Alyssa took a ballet class, she did a really great job paying attention and learned some new steps. The best part though was the end of the classes when the teacher would have family/friends come down with the girls and do 'cool-down stretches' (which were more like crazy yoga moves!). It was hysterical to see the kids trying to do the stretches, but even better was watching the adults!!! LOL

Emi made sure Alyssa's dolly 'Holy' was able to watch Alyssa dance, so cute!

The stretches...

Miss Alex got to come join in on the fun too during one class!

Miss Alex did a great job...even when Emi jumped on her back! LOL

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Mandy Kershaw said...

Looks like the girls had a lot of fun! I hope it works out that Alyssa and Miriam can take a class together. :)