Monday, August 9, 2010

Emi's 3!!!

My sweet little girl is 3! I love her so much, what a joy she is.
*She is the funniest little girl, always making everyone laugh by her funny looks and words! I can't wait to see how God develops this characteristic in her over the years. :)
*She has such a sweet heart, whether it's by sharing whatever she has with others or just making sure someone is ok...and I love watching her play with babies - sweetness to the fullest!
*I love how she runs...random I know, but it really is the cutest thing! ;)
*I love how she loves puzzles! LOL
*She is so smart, just like her daddy...I love how you can just watch her thinking and learning.
*She's been getting herself dressed in the mornings and the outfits she picks are hilarious...i.e. a dress, pants under her dress, rain boots, sunglasses, and mittens!!!
*It's amazing how fast she catches on to things, like when she tried to ride a bike with training wheels a couple months ago and got it right away, and she learned to write her name the first time I showed her how!'s crazy, you just show her how to do something and she does it!
*She loves singing and dancing, her favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me and How Great is our God...and during her 1st year of BSF this year her favorite to sing was Holy, Holy, Holy. I love hearing her little voice sing these precious songs!

Here's pics from the day of her birthday and her birthday party...

She loves 'no white' (aka Snow White, LOL!)

I really wish I would've realized her Snow White tutu was sideways throughout the whole party, oh well! :)

We love you boo bear! :)


Jenn Saylor said...

Very cute! Happy b-day Emi!

Amy said...

So cute! love you boo bear...oh, I mean Emi! :)