Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Circus pics!

This past week, the girls and I went to the circus with my parents and a bunch of friends.  We all had such a great time and enjoyed the wonderful show they put on!

Emi waiting to go in.
Alyssa doing her silly clown face. :)
Alyssa and Aidan
My mom and Emi

Monday, June 29, 2009

Misc. June Pics

Here are the girls, ready to take out Daddy for a Father's Day breakfast at Liberty Market.
After breakfast we headed behind the restaurant where they have lots of fun water features.  The girls loved it!
It was pretty hot, so Emi just decided to lean against the water and get soaked! ;)

Storytime with our friends Joshua and Nadine. :)
Emi FINALLY enjoying a bounce house...YEAH!!! :)
On our way to the splash park!

Emi playing 'nigh-night' with her 'friends'. :)

Meeting Baby Brooklyn! :)  ...I love how her hair curls up on the top, she's such a cutie pie!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy birthday to our dear friend!

Happy birthday Jim!!!  
Love, the Herbrandsons

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun swim time with the girls!

We had such a fun time taking the girls swimming this morning...they are getting so big!  Alyssa practiced swimming without her arm floaties all morning and did a great job 'using big arms'.  Emi was throwing in toys and then jumping in to get them, going down the slide, and putting herself to a back float and then even kicking around the pool on her back (w/floaties).  Both of these are HUGE improvements from a couple a weeks ago...it was so fun to see them learning so much and having so much fun!  I can't wait to see what the next couple of months brings. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Play group today...

Today we had play group at Peter Piper Pizza since they had a special program set up for the kids...today was hero day!  They had a firetruck for the kids to climb in and firefighters and a policewoman for the kids to talk to.  Then after play time they had a safety talk with the kids.  It was so cute because after the 'no talk to strangers' talk the policewoman asked if anyone had questions and I see Alyssa's hand pop up.  I know even though I can understand her, that others have a hard time...and sometimes she just starts telling random stories, so when I saw her hand pop up I ran up quickly to the front to try and interpret.  I never really thought that she would have an actual question and that it would be related to the talk, but she did!  ...and she was so serious about it!  She asked, "What should I do if I hear something at night and get scared."  I was cracking up because it was so cute how she asked and that she was so serious about it...she seemed so big!  She just looked at me like, "Mom, stop laughing, I'm asking a question!"  

Playing before the fire truck got there.

Here's pics of the girls and Eli trying to figure out if they like being in the fire truck or not. :)

The kids did great sitting there while they did their talk.

Here's the kids trying to stand a arms length apart from each other.
Here's them doing: Stop, Drop, and Roll

Fun with friends...

Here are some random pics from the past week.

Here is a pic of Alyssa and Emi with their friends Mercy & Laney at the library.
Hanging out at Chuck E Cheese with Alaina and Lili.
Just a cute pic of daddy with his girls. :)
Having fun at Alexis' gymnastics party!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pics from our cruise...

We got back from our cruise on Sunday.  We had such a nice time being with one another, seeing beautiful places, relaxing, catching up with our friends Andrea & Elliott, and of course eating lots of yummy food!!!  The weather at sea was a bit windy and chilly, but all the stops were 70 and sunny, just beautiful!  Here are some pics...

The wonderful pre-sailing drills. ;)
A lighthouse!
The Golden Gate Bridge...I think the Captain said the boat clears the bridge by 13inches!!!
I don't know why, but I love watching the seals.

Of course, we had to stop for a little ice cream at Ghirardelli's! :)
Our favorite park in San Fran...it's a hike from the pier, but worth it!

1st formal dinner...had to get a picture out on deck even though it was FREEZING!!!
Everyday there was a new towel made into an animal...the puppy was one of my favorites!
Our view from our table at a local brewery in Victoria, BC.  So beautiful!
Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria
Random pics from within the castle...

The view from the top of the tower in the castle...if you look closely you can see our cruise ship in the background.

Top of a lighthouse in the middle of the street, random, but hey I like lighthouses! ;)
The beautiful Empress Hotel


Now this is what I'm talking about!!! :)

I think they dropped the fish! :0
In Seattle we got to spend the day with Andrea & Elliott! :)
Enjoying some good local crab!

Of course Nate had to stop by the 1st Starbucks! ;)
YES, that's a preggo Andrea!!!!  WooHoo! :)
Enjoying the one beautiful warm day at sea.
A couple hours the pool looked like this...
The rest of the days were like this...
The 2nd formal night.
Our assistant waiter, Melvin!
Our CRAZY captain...Captain Johnny!!!  ...yes, he's on a Harley Davidson motorscooter!
Some of the other cute towel creations...