Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Play group today...

Today we had play group at Peter Piper Pizza since they had a special program set up for the kids...today was hero day!  They had a firetruck for the kids to climb in and firefighters and a policewoman for the kids to talk to.  Then after play time they had a safety talk with the kids.  It was so cute because after the 'no talk to strangers' talk the policewoman asked if anyone had questions and I see Alyssa's hand pop up.  I know even though I can understand her, that others have a hard time...and sometimes she just starts telling random stories, so when I saw her hand pop up I ran up quickly to the front to try and interpret.  I never really thought that she would have an actual question and that it would be related to the talk, but she did!  ...and she was so serious about it!  She asked, "What should I do if I hear something at night and get scared."  I was cracking up because it was so cute how she asked and that she was so serious about it...she seemed so big!  She just looked at me like, "Mom, stop laughing, I'm asking a question!"  

Playing before the fire truck got there.

Here's pics of the girls and Eli trying to figure out if they like being in the fire truck or not. :)

The kids did great sitting there while they did their talk.

Here's the kids trying to stand a arms length apart from each other.
Here's them doing: Stop, Drop, and Roll

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Jason and Lisa said...

Good blogging mommy! :) I need to charge the battery on my camera, oh well. It was very cute how Alyssa asked her question. I think fun was had by all. :)