Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick trip to Cali!

This past weekend we were able to take a quick trip to Cali. The Miles' were able to join us and we all had a great time! There was some shopping, lots of good eating, puzzles, games, and of course playing at the beach. :)

Walking around town.

Alyssa was pretty much attached to Kamille the whole weekend!

Alyssa's favorite: a perfect smelling rose. :)

The boys playing football.

The water was pretty cold, Kamille was such a trooper to go in with the girls. :)

I think Alyssa splash around in the water all day!

Kamille getting a 'how to throw a football' lesson...

She did it! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Miles :)

After all the swimming she was SO cold, she stayed wrapped in her towel just shivering for a long time.

Emi likes weird getting dragged around in the sand! :)

...and getting buried in sand over and over again.

Emi also got to play catch with the football, she did such a great job!

My beautiful family!

The last morning the girls and I went exploring at one of the neighborhood parks so we could let everyone else sleep! :) It's such a cute little park in the midst of a lot of trees and with a great ocean view.

Me and my girls. :)

Not the best video (I think they were a little tired!), but it's still cute...I was just so happy to actually be able to catch them singing this on video. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing around

Here's some pics from June so far of the girls just playing around. :)

Alyssa's been very into playing hair stylist lately. Here's her beautiful hair-do...

...and her doing Emi's hair.

The finished product! :) I love how careful Alyssa is with her placement, she thinks out each clippie and tries to be so gentle when putting it in, SO CUTE!

One morning we had fun sorting beads. (Inspired by my friend Heather's blog.) :)

YEAH, we finished!!!

Celebrating w/a lollipop. :)

Dress-up and stroller fun with Eden. These 2 girls are too cute together!

My goof ball! I love this girls sense of humor!!! ...her new thing is pants with dresses and shoes that totally don't go with what she's wearing, and she always wants to be wearing a hat and gloves??? ;)

Sprinkler fun!

So peaceful. :)

Bouncing fun. :)


Just a little bit of Emi. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Misc. May pics...

Here's some of my favorite misc. pics over the last month....

Emi was so cute pretending to actually be riding the duck! :)

I love sleeping pics and haven't taken any lately...Alyssa was so out during naps one day I had to take a pic. :)

I was going to take pics of Emi's 1st dentist appt, but my camera died after this one of Alyssa going first! Oops :)

Celebrating Eliana's birthday :)

Emi loves playing Hungry Hippos! I think it's so cute when she gets it out by herself and plays...her 'concentrating' faces crack me up! :)