Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick trip to Cali!

This past weekend we were able to take a quick trip to Cali. The Miles' were able to join us and we all had a great time! There was some shopping, lots of good eating, puzzles, games, and of course playing at the beach. :)

Walking around town.

Alyssa was pretty much attached to Kamille the whole weekend!

Alyssa's favorite: a perfect smelling rose. :)

The boys playing football.

The water was pretty cold, Kamille was such a trooper to go in with the girls. :)

I think Alyssa splash around in the water all day!

Kamille getting a 'how to throw a football' lesson...

She did it! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Miles :)

After all the swimming she was SO cold, she stayed wrapped in her towel just shivering for a long time.

Emi likes weird getting dragged around in the sand! :)

...and getting buried in sand over and over again.

Emi also got to play catch with the football, she did such a great job!

My beautiful family!

The last morning the girls and I went exploring at one of the neighborhood parks so we could let everyone else sleep! :) It's such a cute little park in the midst of a lot of trees and with a great ocean view.

Me and my girls. :)

Not the best video (I think they were a little tired!), but it's still cute...I was just so happy to actually be able to catch them singing this on video. :)


Filleman Family said...

super cute! That family picture is awesome - both girls smiling and you looking fabulous :)

Amy said...

Super cute pics! What's not to love about Kamille? :)

Melissa said...

UMMM SO SO SO CUTE- singing were best friends forever! I love it!! So CUTE!
Great photos! SO HAPPY you guys could get away with Nate :) and the Miles! :)