Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing around

Here's some pics from June so far of the girls just playing around. :)

Alyssa's been very into playing hair stylist lately. Here's her beautiful hair-do...

...and her doing Emi's hair.

The finished product! :) I love how careful Alyssa is with her placement, she thinks out each clippie and tries to be so gentle when putting it in, SO CUTE!

One morning we had fun sorting beads. (Inspired by my friend Heather's blog.) :)

YEAH, we finished!!!

Celebrating w/a lollipop. :)

Dress-up and stroller fun with Eden. These 2 girls are too cute together!

My goof ball! I love this girls sense of humor!!! ...her new thing is pants with dresses and shoes that totally don't go with what she's wearing, and she always wants to be wearing a hat and gloves??? ;)

Sprinkler fun!

So peaceful. :)

Bouncing fun. :)


Just a little bit of Emi. :)


Heidi Marie said...

Great idea with the bead sorting! I love how you are so good at keeping track of what you have done with pictures...

Jenn Saylor said...

Cute pics of the girls! Love the hair styles...so cute!

Heather said...

The pics of them playing with eachother's hair is so cute. I always get my girl fix when I read your blog!!! :)

I'm glad you guys liked the bead sorting!