Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is a really long post, I just thought it'd be easier to put all the November pics in one post. :)

 State Fair with my mom and the girls.
 The many faces of Emi. :)
 Alyssa's 1st time on the bumper cars...she loved it!  Daddy's girl for sure. :)
 The girls loved this climbing thing!
 They were so hesitant about spinning the tea cup the 1st time they went on it.
 Then the 2nd time they really got into it, spinning like crazy & having so much fun!

 The next week we went had a day with my mom while Nate was out of town.
1st stop, a Pumpkin Patch in Glendale.
 Next Stop, Tea & Antique Shopping in Glendale.

 Also while Nate was out of town, I decided to repaint our kitchen cabinets.
Here's the before picture...
 In progress...
 Which color???  (it ended up being the one on the right)
I was able to finish the bottom half while Nate was gone.
It's done!!!
This was too cute...Alyssa went to bed and put her 'Holy' (what she named her Raggedy Ann doll) and her Koaly (her little Koala Bear) face down on the pillow next to her so they could sleep too. ;)
Spending an afternoon outside 'painting' with water and chalk.
Emi's 'person'...
 Alyssa's pumpkin...
 Cute pj's, cute sisters. :)
 Daddy's home!
 My 1st race!
 Here I go!
 YEAH, I finished my 1st 5k!!! :)
 We did it!!!  Thanks girls for a fun morning!
 Free Fro Yo and a bunch of friends makes for a fun night. :)
 The kids loved having Shag at their table! ;)
 Day at the zoo...
 I love Alyssa's face in this picture! LOL
 The 1st part of the morning we got to hang out w/some friends from church.
 The 2nd part of the morning I got to catch up with some old friends and meet baby Isaiah!!! 
SO good to see you Andrea & Amy!
 The girls were so cute in their dresses & tights one morning at BSF, I had to take a couple pictures. :)
 These girls are so silly!
 Super fun girls dinner put on by Amy so that we could all hang out with Andrea some more before she headed home.  What a great night!
 I miss you!