Friday, August 13, 2010

Misc. July pics

Enjoying a Diamondbacks game with some fun ladies! :)

Yummy fondue dinner with friends.

4th of July...The girls were adorable doing little cheers before the fireworks started. Evi choreographed them! :)

There's always a dress-up picture to include. :)

Fancy tea party!

Nate got an iphone this past month and it is amazing to me how fast the girls learned how to use it!!! Here's Alyssa & Alexis playing with Nate's phone while waiting to be sat at a restaurant....

...and the younger sisters playing w/Kristy's phone!

Seriously, this is what I get when say look at the camera and smile???

A little better! :) ...This is the first class the girls got to take together.

Our friend Alaina's 5th birthday party - dress-up tea party. :)

Saying good-bye to sweet friends. :(

We couldn't get them to smile so we just had them do a goofy face!

Ready to go running with mommy...Emi actually did a great job, despite the 'face' in the picture. ;)

Such a good helper Emi is!

Enjoying a movie with Miss Pam & Miss Amanda! :)

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