Sunday, September 19, 2010

Misc. August pics...

Emi is so goofy, and I love every minute of it! Here she is already for breakfast, with her backpack on and wearing these hilarious sunglasses that she has (the flower lenses open to the side - and that's how she mostly wears them! LOL). :)

My cutie pies. :)
Blowing bubbles before heading into the zoo.
Emi's favorites, the zebras!!! (Alyssa's favorite is coming soon, the KOALA'S!)
The elephants were so cute that day!

Alyssa's learning how to take pictures, she did a great job on this one! :)
I love how Emi runs!!!
Playing in the rain!


Amy said...

I LOVE them! So footloose and fancy free! :)

Andrea Downing said...

so cute - love the girls playing in the rain. you know - if you moved up here, you could get lots of that :)

Jenn Saylor said...

Cute pics! Emi is funny and very sweet! I love how your girls are always so sweet at church...always say hi and it!