Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Alyssa...

Alyssa has said a couple funny things lately that I thought I better write down to remember. :-)

First, she's always asking what everyone's name is (kids names, their mommy's names, people driving by, etc., etc.), so... we're watching the Olympics - men's gymnastics - and she said 'what's the little man's name'. I don't know why, but that was really funny to me. She definitely doesn't say that when we watch football! ;)

Second, when she eats something good she turns to me and says 'mommy, this is delicious!' It hasn't been while eating anything I've made, but it's still cute.

Third, while watching football, there was a play where they were all running around chasing a guy, I guess it looked like they were running in circles because Alyssa turns to me and asks 'are they playing ring-around-the-rosie?'

Lastly (not sure how funny this is, but it is a constant part of our conversations so I figured I'd document it), I here 'WHY?' way too many times during the day! :) I try really hard to stay patient and teach her the things she's asking 'why' about, but boy is it tiring the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. time I hear it in the same conversation that really didn't even need a 'why' in the first place!


Theresa said...

She is adorable! IT's so fun when they start to talk a lot and figure things out. By the way, I STILL hear "Why?" several times a day from my 4-year-old! Only now it's usually to ask why he can't have or do what he wants...:) Now Ryan has picked it up, too-ugh.

Amy said...

Ah yes, the why question. It is lovely. Very funny comments about Alyssa. I love the gymnastics one. It's funny that she can tell even on t.v. that men gymnasts ARE small!

suubi said...

Those are really cute stories! I echo the why conversations with 2 kids asking why and then the 3rd simply mimicking saying why. Especially Mia ask's a lot of questions as part of her figuring things out and adjusting.....
mommy why did you cut your hair
who cut your hair
where did you get your hair cut
where are we going
are we coming back
are going in the van
is Kaden coming
is Joey coming
who is coming with us
why are we going
and on and on and on!