Saturday, June 28, 2008

Do you love Eric too???

So Alyssa has recently discovered princesses...specifically Ariel and Cinderella. She really loves Aerial though...and Prince Eric (who's name she can't say without blushing and smiling).
Tonight we were at a store and while checking out we ran in to Ne-ne (aka our friend Renee). Alyssa ran up to her and stayed with her while she was checking out, while we were in another line. I have no idea how Ariel came up, but we could hear her start on a role with Ariel this and Ariel that. Thankfully the cashier was kind enough to go along with it. She was saying how much she loved Ariel too and that she was her favorite princess when she was growing up, etc. etc. etc. Alyssa couldn't believe it, you could tell she was just in awe of this cashier...and then we hear Alyssa ask her, "Do you love Eric TOO?"
Oh my goodness I can't tell you how cute it was, we all just burst out laughing!!!


Amy said...

That is adorable! Alyssa, the Little Mermaid is my favorite princess too.

The Martins said...

Oh! Me! Me!
I love Eric!!!

Janet Yates said...

Hi, Jen! I just found your blog. Cute story. We have a couple of girls who love Ariel and Eric here too.