Monday, June 16, 2008

Thank you Jesus for the house, the heart, and the circle???

Last night Nate put Alyssa to bed and after Nate prays, Alyssa will pray and thank Jesus for whatever comes to her mind. ...Usually it starts off with, "Thank you Jesus for Mercy, Eli & TJ" (not sure how/when Eli got added to her list since she never sees him, but I guess since he's TJ's brother he's got an in...Logan I'm sure you'll make the list soon!), and then an occasional "thank you Jesus for Sam" (depending on if they had fun or fought with each other that day). ;) So last night she prayed her normal prayer and then thanked Jesus for the house (Nate thought hmmm, that's new, but cool), the hearts (then he thought, that's kind of weird, but maybe they were talking about the hearts of mankind in her room at church tonight), and the circle (what???)! Then he remembered her new toy...see picture below. :)

Lord willing one day she'll be thanking Jesus for... OUR house that He has provided for us and she will be praying for the hearts of man.

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A & E Downing said...

So cute - oh to know what goes on in that little head! Hope you guys are all doing well!