Monday, June 9, 2008

Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Depert

Okay, so I finally got this on video! For those of you who may not know I was in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year, which is a world-wide woman's Bible study (they have a men's one too, you can check it out at ). The cool thing was that since Alyssa is 2 now she can come with me and go to her own little Bible study (she calles it her 'Jesus class') while I'm in mine. She LOVED it! ...and she loved her teachers, Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Depert. I've never seen her so excited about people before. She is constantly coming up to me and just saying their names...nothing else, just their names...and then she just gets the biggest grin on her face and becomes instantly shy. It is sooo cute! So I thought I'd try to capture it on video and share it with you all...

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