Monday, March 22, 2010

Sarah Groves Concert

A couple weeks ago some friends joined Alyssa & I at a Sarah Groves concert. We had a really fun time...even though it wasn't really what we had expected (more of a Food for the Hungry event, than a concert...thanks Janet for keeping the kids entertained w/your phone through all the talks!). Kami did get to stay after and meet her though, which was so awesome for her! We didn't quite make it that long...Alyssa was so tired by the end that she just started crying for no reason so we left pretty quickly at that point. She had a ton of fun before that though so it was definitely worth it! :)

All smiles after some yummy pizzookie! :)
What cutie pies!
I love how Zoe and Alyssa are trying to look & smile for the picture but can't look away from the movie screen for a second!

Ellie was so sweet to share her blankie with tired Alyssa. :)

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