Thursday, March 11, 2010

Misc. February Pics

Emi and 'her baby Brooklyn' :)

Nate surprised me with a new camera for Valentine's Day (my old one was taking blurry pictures after I dropped it one too many times). We had to try it out at breakfast as soon as I opened it. :)
I love these girls!
Alyssa took an acting class last month and after one of her classes a local youth theater co. was doing a little deal at the local Chic-fil-A so the girls and I went and the girls got to join in on some of the skits! :) Alyssa of course loved it, Emi...not so much. LOL I never thought Emi would be shy in a situation like that be she totally was (see video). I didn't get a video of Alyssa but she got to be the Itsy Bitsy Spider in her skit.

I loved how enthralled the girls were!
The girls got to make goat masks after the skits. I loved how cute and helpful the kids from the theater were!

Here's some pics of the girls enjoying the Arizona rain! (excuse the first two pics...I was trying different things with my new camera and it didn't work so well, but i still liked the pics) ;)


Filleman Family said...

Cute pictures and the new camera is awesome. Love the holding hands in the car pic.

Jenn Saylor said...

Very cute pics of the girls! New cameras are the best!

Heidi Marie said...

Hello gorgeous lady! The pictures of the girlies are cute and the one of you is a keeper!

Amy said...

You are such a fun mommy! I agree with Heidi, you are lookin sassy! :)

Andrea Downing said...

such fun pictures - the girls are getting so big! love your hat in the one pic - you look great! :)

Theresa said...

Your girls are SO cute; exciting about the new camera!!