Thursday, February 12, 2009

Special Deals at Fry's - Today only!

Today between 3-11pm head over to Fry's to get these deals:

1/2 gallon OJ - .97
3lb Bag of Apples - .99
Bacon - .99
Valentine's Day Colossal Cupcakes - .99
Haagen-Dazs or Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - 1.88
Hershey's bag of chocolates - 1.88
Honey Ham or Honey Smoked Turkey from the deli - 4.98
Apple Juice - .97

See all the specifics here.

They will also be having free photos, cookie decorating, samples throughout the store, and create a card for mom & dad between 3-8pm.


The Martins said...

Applesauce is really easy to make in the crock pot- good use for a 3 lb bag of apples, and good price for applesauce!

Jen said...

Thanks Sarah, great suggestion! I've never made applesauce, how do you do it?

Brooke said...

Yeah Sarah, how do you make it? Sounds like fun!

Susan said...

Hey Jen,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the good tips! We took the kids to the science center this weekend, thanks to the info you provided.

One money saving tip I wanted to mention is Bountiful Baskets, which is a food co-op. For $15, you receive about 4 large bags full of produce. I just started the co-op and am really impressed. We eat a lot of fruit and veggies in my house and this is a great way to have healthy food and to get it for very cheap! For families that are worried that you won't use all the produce, then it's helpful to split an order with another family, and you only order every other week. So, if you share it with another family, that's $15 per family for 2 deliveries.