Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4th picture in 4th folder

I've been tagged before but never got around to doing it. My friend Lisa just did it and tagged all of us who haven't done it yet, so I thought I'd finally do it! ;)

It's a picture of my ultrasound w/Emi...about 4mos before she was born. I love it because it's her sucking her thumb. I never went back to look at the old ultrasound pics after she was born, so it's really cool to see now that sucking her thumb really is her thing, she loves it now and she loved it before she was even born! ;)


Theresa said...

OH, so sweet!

Jason and Lisa said...

Yeah, thanks for following through. I wasn't sure who would. I hate tagging others and hate being tagged. Anyways.

How sweet. It is so amazing to see them in ultrasound and then when we finally meet them.