Monday, February 2, 2009

Mommies don't need doctors!

I'm so bad about blogging about cute stories about the girls, especially funny things Alyssa says, because I forget them by the time I get to the computer! ...but tonight right before Alyssa went to bed she said something pretty cute and I still remember it. ;)

I have a pretty bad paper cut on my finger and it hurts really bad. I was saying how much it hurt and Nate asked Alyssa, "should mommy go to the dr.'s?" and Alyssa laughingly said "noooooo" (like 'of course not, your silly daddy, mommies don't need doctors!').


Pam said...

When Joshua came to visit me tonight, he said, "The doctor helps Mommy to take a nap."

Jason and Lisa said...

I love the way kids process things and when they think we're saying something silly (like your example). I can't remember quotes either. :(

Theresa said...

So take care of that paper cut so you don't end up like Heidi!;) (Check out her blog)