Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Book List

So most of you know that I'm not really a 'reader'. I just have never really enjoyed it...until recently!

God has been convicting me of using my time more wisely (for me that means less reality tv and more time learning about Him). It motivated me to finally finish a couple books that I have been reading for, well let's just say a LONG time. ...but they were soooo good that it made me want to keep reading and I'm loving it!!! I'm actually enjoying sitting down with a book so much that it's taking me away from projects around the now I need to pray that God will help me balance everything! ;)


Amy said...

Balance is such a hard thing for me. Let me know when you figure it out!:)

The Martins said...

OOOOOH! Everyone who reads this post and sees your book list needs to read "The Hiding Place" That book is one of my all time favorites. Not only was it hard to put down because its just a great (intense, interesting) story, it challenged my walk and encouraged me. Love it.