Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Boo Bear", "What's in the Mouth", " 'Lo' "

So Nate and I were just talking last night about how cute it is that Alyssa calls her sister Boo Bear. (It's a nickname that somehow we've come up with over the past year for her, but Alyssa calls her by that name all the time and even introduces her to people like that.) So anyways, today we were at Costco and while we were checking out the people at the store kept asking Alyssa what her baby sister's name was and I kept hearing her say "Boo Bear"...and then they would look at me with a weird look. It was pretty funny!

A new phrase that Alyssa has is "What's in the mouth?". She recently has been able to have gum and so anytime she sees any of us chewing anything she always asks us what's in our mouths...she'll stop whatever she's doing and get real serious and ask "what's in the mouth?" I love how she notices everything now...and the way she words things. ;)

Last thing is Boo's (aka Emily's) new thing. She loves to pretend she's talking on the phone. She has a play phone, but really anything will do. She'll just hold whatever up to her ear and say "Lo!" and then walk around pretending to talk. She's getting so BIG!!!

These girls are such precious gifts...it's so fun to think about all these little things they do! :)


Theresa said...

Your girls are SO adorable! :)

Amy said...

so sweeeeet!

suubi said...

That cracks me up about the gum b/c Kaden is the same way with gum, its like he has radar for it. Within seconds of me putting it in my mouth, he will notice I am chewing it, ask me whats in my mouth and then ask me for some!