Monday, September 8, 2008


I had to post this right away before it changes... Cardinals have a winning season so far!!! ;-)
(and we play the Dolphins next week so, even though it's hard to imagine, we could actually start the season 2-0!)

It was such a good game and to celebrate I dressed the girls up in their Cardinals attire for church...although I didn't get a picture, oops! Maybe they'll win one more game this year so I can dress them up again! ;)


Amy said...

Fun! Trey refused to wear his jersey to church!

A & E Downing said...

hehe. that's pretty funny! Jen you are the true fan :)

Filleman Family said...

I would just like to throw it out there that the Bronco's had a great showing on Monday night. On sports center that night they voted that the broncos had the best opening game. I told Mark that they are finally on their way back - keep your fingers crossed :)

Jen said...

Ok, ok Michelle, you're right they did do good...but let's wait a couple weeks before we get too excited! ;) (that's what I've learned by being a Cardinal fan!!!)