Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pre-Halloween Celebrations

Last week we celebrated Halloween by carving pumpkins with Nate's side of the family. We had yummy treats, ate a good fall dinner, and carved some pumpkins. :)

The kids were not really excited about pulling out the 'guts' of the pumpkin...such girls! ;)

Sudhakar and his beautiful new wife Aneela.
This was Aneela first time carving pumpkins, she did a great job!
While I was carving Emi's pumpkin she found some sprinkles and enjoyed them all! :)
The finished products...I like DeWayne's on the end...he couldn't think of anything to carve so he just didn't carve it! :)
Nate & Alyssa's super cute winking pumpkin and the sad looking ladybug pumpkin that Emily & I did.
This past Thursday Fry's had a Halloween event for the kiddos so the girls and I headed over for a little bit while Nate was working late. It worked great to have 2 trick or treating events since I really wanted Emi to wear her Snow White costume this year too...Alyssa choose to be a ballerina for her '2nd costume'.
The had games set up around the store for the kids to play and win candy/snacks at.
Enjoying the cookies they decorated.

Driving the 'car'.

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Jenn Saylor said...

Lots of fun! The girls look very cute in their costumes. Too funny that they didn't want to clean out the pumpkins...such girls!