Monday, November 30, 2009

Family pictures with the Herbrandson's

A couple weeks ago we were able to get pictures with the Herbrandson side of our family. Thank you Renee for taking so many great shots! :)
Emi with her 'monga' (aka Grandma)
Grandma & Grandpa with their grandkids :)
My amazing husband and I!
Eric & Wendy
My super cute nieces and nephew.
DeWayne & Ruth

Our family
Me and my 'joy joy'
Daddy & 'boo'
Emi wasn't really cooperating that morning, but Alyssa's always ready when Renee has her's some cute shots:


Janet Yates said...

Those are some sweet pictures! You all look great!

Jenn Saylor said...

Great pics of the family. The girls are so cute...even if Emi wasn't cooperating.

Filleman Family said...

the pictures are nice - picture of you and Nate is SO CUTE! for the wall for sure :)

Susan said...

Great pictures, you have a beautiful family Jen! Especially love the photo of you and Nate, and you and Alyssa.

Cristina said...

Cute photos.

Theresa said...

Great pictures! And yes, you and Nate-adorable! ANd Nate & Emi-oh my goodness, so cute! Alyssa looks awesome in all of them!! Beautiful family!!