Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a really nice night trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and passing out candy (the girls love this part...they pretty much run to the kids to give them candy!). Emi was so cute saying 'trick-or-treat' this year.
I wish I got video of the girls after the sugar set one time both girls were running up and down our street screaming & laughing, back and forth, back and forth and then later Emi was just laughing hysterically and running in circles. It was so cute! :)

Papa & Grandma stopped by to see the girls.

Our next door neighbor carved this. Since Nate's a Vikings fan we had to take a pic...maybe next year I'll do a Cardinals helmet. :)
Running to the next house!
Some of the neighbors had their houses decorated so spooky that the girls were a little scared to go up to the door. ...they were brave though, knowing there was candy to be given! ;)

Halloween over the years:
2005 - Alyssa's 1st Halloween - Our Little Pumpkin
2006 - No family picture :( ...but here's one of just Alyssa being a cute little puppy, one with cousins Zach & Emma, and one with best friend Mercy.
Our family 2007 - Cute little bugs... Ladybug & Butterfly
Our family 2008 - Cinderella & Minnie Mouse
Our family 2009 :) - Dorothy & Ladybug


Melissa said...

SO SWEET!! I loved the photo flashback, very cute idea!!
Umm Emi ADORABLE!! LOVE her lady bug outfit, she is just so cute. Both your girls are!!

Amy said...

So cute! I was REALLY hoping the Vikings pumpkin wasn't yours! But a great idea, we might have to have a Cards pumpkin next year too! :)

Filleman Family said...

love the flashback too - so cute - maybe I will give that a try

Cristina said...

Loved seeing the pictures from past halloweens. My old time favorite Minnie Mouse !

When did you start moderating your comments?

Theresa said...

Very cute pics! IDK is Mike knows Nate's a Viking's fan...but the question is-is he a FAVRE fan? If so, then they can be friends...:)haha & j/k