Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random pics

Here are some random pics from August so far...

Play group at AZ All Stars Gym
I used to love the parachute when I was little, so I was so excited they took it out for the kids to play with!
Emi didn't quite understand the concept so she just sat underneath it the whole time. :)

I finally got a picture of how Alyssa sleeps, so funny!

Alyssa has been waiting all summer to get her swimsuit on and go outside and play in the rain. I was so excited last week when it was raining during the day!  We were on our way home and I told her as soon as we get home, go inside and get your swimsuit on, and we'll go outside and play in the rain....Emi got her rain boots on! :)  Okay, so we get all ready and rush outside, and guess what???  It STOPPED raining. :(  We stayed outside a couple minutes and it did start drizzling again, so they were happy with that.  I hope she gets to go out in pouring rain though sometime this summer! :)

At home we don't have a computer with a mouse (I finally bought one that attaches to our laptop, but I never remember to get it out), so when we go to the library she is very intrigued with what all the kids are doing on the computer.  This week we went and there was no one there so I was able to get Alyssa on a computer and let Emi play for a little bit...and she did GREAT!  She listened to the game instructions all by herself, figured out how to use the mouse, and played the game.  :)

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