Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Flagstaff getaway

This past weekend we were able to get away to Flagstaff for a night and enjoy some cooler weather...YEAH!!! :)  We went to a Children's Festival when we arrived into town and then, after naps and a yummy dinner at Bun Huggers, Nate, Alyssa and I went to see Chris Tomlin at an outdoor amphitheater in the middle of the woods, while Emi got to have a sleepover with the Williams crew.  The next day we got to go on a hike (our first with the girls) with the McKenney's and the Williams' and then later that day we all went to see the Cardinals practice.  It was such a fun quick getaway.

The Children's Art & Music Festival:

Alyssa got to go on stage with the local theater company.  She loved it!  They had them act out different emotions.
Emi was so cute watching sister up there! :)

When she was done she went and sat with 'the crew', it was really cute!
...and then she got to go back on stage again!  I think she could have stayed up there all day.
Heading to dinner.

Chris Tomlin concert:

Taking a little rest.
Singing 'How great is our God!'
Emi and Brooklyn during her sleepover.

Emi & the boys watching a movie.

Beginning our hike!

I had to get a picture of her napping, because it was quite the ordeal to get her to fall asleep that day...but she was so cute when it actually happened!


Janet Yates said...

That looks so fun....and so cool! I can't really imagine wearing a jacket with a hood right now!

Theresa said...

I'm glad you all had so much fun! The picture of Emi holding B is super cute! YOu can tell she's so proud of herself! And B looks like a doll in that picture.

Melissa said...

These pictures are great! So glad you guys all had a great time. I can't get enough of Emily in her jammies, I love that girl, she is SO cute!