Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun this week!

This week the girls and I have had a very fun week (despite some meltdowns). :)

Emi feeding her baby.  She's so cute, she gets all the needed items (high chair, food, bottle...and beauty chair-for her!) and brings it out to the living room and sets it all up. :)
Dress up time!

Children's Museum

Chick-fil-A had a Princess event this week where the girls could dress up like princesses (and get free ice cream shakes for doing so!), make little crafts (tiaras and princess wands), get their make-up done, pet/brush a pony, and then even have princess pony rides!  It was such a fun night. :)

Can you tell how happy they were that I had them take a picture with the cow??? ;)

A good-bye kiss for the pony.
They even decorated the ponies like princesses!
Painting fun today! :)
Here's Emi checking out Alyssa's masterpiece.
Alyssa did hand-painting, finger-painting isn't her thing. ;)
The finished projects...


Theresa said...

Looks like fun! I was bummed we couldn't make it to the children's museum b/c of Michael's school schedule. :( Hope you had fun!

Filleman Family said...

It looks like one fun-packed week! See in the pictures the children's museum looks like it was nothing but stress-free fun for all! Ahhh, the beauty of still photography :) Princess night. . . so cute!!