Monday, August 24, 2009

Alyssa over the last couple days...

A couple days ago we were eating dinner and I was telling Nate a story about the day (which included a lot of spelling out words) and after I was done Alyssa started telling a story and in the middle of her story she starts saying random letters...ex. "Daddy today I e-y-o-t-y and it was fun and then, etc."  Nate and I just looked at each other like "what did she just say???", so we asked her to repeat what she said.  With a straight face she repeated exactly the same thing.  We started cracking up!  She was totally telling a real story and thought she'd through in 'random' letters like she heard me saying...that must be how you talk normally, right??? ;)

Today we were working on a preschool activity book learning how to write the letter 's'.  She did such a great job so we went to the back of the book where there are 'Good Job' stickers so we could pick one out and put it on her page.  I asked her to pick one out and the first one she picked out had a bunch of hearts and said I Love You.  I said, "that one looks pretty, let's put that one on it" and she said, "no mommy, that one is for you because you make my heart happy!"  Oh how that melted my heart!!

Last story...tonight she was having a hard time falling asleep so I told her she could fall asleep in my room.  We've never done that before and she got scared when I left her in there by herself.  She was screaming and crying and when I went back in to calm her down she asked, "is God going to protect me?"  What a sweet opportunity to talk about God and His promises, pray together, and for her to learn to trust God in what was a hard situation for her.  God is so good!


Amy said...

SO SWEET! I love the spelling one...Trey has started to pick up on what I'm spelling if it sounds familiar to him! Yikes! We'll have to learn Spanish next :)

Theresa said...

Awww~sweet stories! Mike and I are in big trouble when Michael learns to spell! ;)