Saturday, July 26, 2008


Okay, so I'm not really into the whole 'Vegas' thing, but it was a cheap quick getaway with my husband (he was on a business trip and I was able to fly out and meet him for a couple days), so it was super fun! We hung out at night when he was done with work and I got to just do NOTHING, other than read, lay by the pool, and nap, during the day, it was SWEET!!! ...and thanks to my friend Becca we were able to get tickets to Blue Man Group, which was awesome! :-)

The only pictures I took were from the hotel room, pretty much because I was too lazy to haul around my camera when we headed out on the town...I really need to get a camera I can just throw in my purse! ;-) The view was pretty cool from the hotel room though, so I had to post a couple of them.

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Amy said...

Yeah for you! I can't wait to go away without kiddos in August!