Thursday, July 3, 2008

Emi's new things...

Since Emily has turned 1 she's decided she wants to be a big girl! :)

At playgroup on Tuesday she decided she wanted to finally start clapping. It was so cute, she was just sitting in the water at the splash park just clapping away! When we got home I was singing Happy Birthday to her and while she was standing she started dancing and waving her arms and then at the end she started cute!

She also started signing the word 'more' on Tuesday. It happened when I was feeding her ice cream for dessert and as soon as I would stop she kept saying 'mo' and signing it with her's funny that it was with ice cream that she first decided to sign 'more', since Alyssa's first time was when I was feeding her pizzookie at Oregano's. Now this just proves that these are my girls! ;) a side note, so I can remember the date whenever I decide to finish her scrapbook, she's been walking for a couple weeks now. The first time she really got up and walked was June 14th at a birthday party. She had been taking one or two steps here and there, but at the party she just got up and kept walking around.

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Amy said...

Walking, huh? Time for the walker room, peanut!