Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do my hair like Mercy's please!

Okay, so as you all I'm sure have noticed, I'm not the most consistent at doing Alyssa's hair...most of the time we just run out of the house with it flying every which way! :) I've been trying to make more of an attempt to be consistent in this area since she really is so adorable with her hair brushed and put up w/clippies or whatever...even though I'm not the best at it. So the last couple days have been really funny, I've been doing her hair and all she keeps saying is "please do it like Mercy's hair", "I want it like Mercy's", "is it like Mercy's hair mommy?". I don't know if she notices how much cuter Mercy's hair is always done compared to hers or if she just misses Mercy since she's gone ALL SUMMER ;), but it's really funny! (here's another cashier story for you) ...we were checking out at a store yesterday and the cashier was saying hi and making small talk w/the girls and Alyssa starts going off about how her hair is done...and it is JUST like Mercy's! Oh my goodness she makes me laugh! (of course the lady had no idea what Alyssa was saying and just smiled and laughed) ;)

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A & E Downing said...

love how much your have been updating your blog lately - so fun to read all the little stories!