Monday, May 10, 2010

Cali Trip - Part 1 Disneyland

A couple weeks ago we got to head out to California for about a week. We had so much fun, enjoyed great weather...but best of all we got to see Nate for more than 1 day in a row, it was awesome! The first part of our trip we went to Disney...below is a lot of pictures from those couple days (it's hard for me to choose which ones to put in the post, so I just put all the ones I like! LOL).

This is what I get when I say "look at the camera and smile"!?!?
I love Carousel pictures! :)

Watching the fireworks from the hotel balcony!

Emi was very excited to meet, as she calls her, No White. ;)
Pixie Hollow
She didn't quite grasp the concept of 'decorative flowers'! LOL

One of our favorite new rides, Peter Pan...I can't believe we've never gone on this one before!
Alyssa was scared to walk through Sleeping Beauty's castle at first...
...but we eventually made it through! The book was really cool because the dress in the picture kept changing colors from pink to blue.

Ballerina even on the carousel!
Alyssa's special treat...a Minnie Mouse candy apple. It was so pretty!
Emi loves Snow White, so we were very excited to find these Snow White & Seven Dwarf statues to the right of the castle one day when they had blocked the main entrance of the castle. I think she could've stayed there all day. :)


One of my favorite pics! :)

We were able to meet up with some friends during the last 2 days at Disney, here's Alyssa & Alaina putting on a pre-parade dance show. :)

Emi's new favorite ride!
We went on It's a Small World many times, the girls just loved sitting and looking at everything! :) Alyssa was so cute, she kept saying "why do they call it a small's a BIG world!"

Look, look...they're BOTH smiling and looking at the camera!!!! ;)

Soarin' over California was definitely one of our new favorites! I thought Alyssa would be so scared once the ride started, but she loved it. :)
This 3D show was not a hit with Alyssa, I don't think she knew what was going on (things flying at her, poking her in the back, water spraying, etc.)! LOL

Emi was so cute with Mickey...she would look at her shirt and then at Mickey again and again. :)

Fun times were had by all! :-)


Janet Yates said...

Oh that looks so fun!!!! It makes me want to go. I'm so glad you guys had this trip!!

Lisa said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Filleman Family said...

That totally makes me want to go to Dland. Very cute pictures. That picture of A on the carousel makes her look so old - she is beautiful.

Andrea Downing said...

fun trip! I bet the girls are at a really fun age to enjoy disneyland!

Melissa said...

It does look like TONS OF FUN!! So many princesses I LOVE IT! I'm so happy for you guys having some much needed family time, yay!!

Melanie said...

Great pics, Jen...Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Can't wait to go to Cali this summer :).