Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amanda & Zach's Wedding

What a beautiful, fun, and God-centered wedding it was! Nate and I had a great time, but it was nothing in comparison to the fun time had by the girls. Alyssa was one of the flower girls and had been dancing in her dress throughout the day during pictures and in the room while we waited for the ceremony to begin...but the reception was the best! Emi & Alyssa danced and danced and danced. I think fancy puffy dresses, music, and a dance floor is pretty much the best thing they can imagine right now. :)

Alyssa and Susannah had so much fun together, they talked, played & danced together the whole day, it was so cute!

They're married, woohoo!!!!

This is pretty much how it went all day...

They were so cute sitting there watching the 1st dance.

There was a time while everyone was dancing that everyone got in a circle and someone would go in and dance and then someone else would go in after. A couple people were break dancing and right after they were done Emi jumped in the middle and started 'break dancing'! It was hilarious and so adorable...I so wish I had my camera ready to get some video of it!!! :)

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