Monday, April 5, 2010

The wedding!!! :)

Oh what a beautiful wedding it was! It was so wonderful to be a part of this day. Here's some snapshots that me and some other people took. Renee took the professional pictures so stay tuned for those awesome pictures! :)

Couple pics from the dress fitting.

The girls getting their hair done. :)
Thank you Kristy, you did a great job!!!
Uh-oh, tired already!

What a cute bunch!
My beautiful flower girls. :)
I love this picture! What a HOT daddy my wonderful husband is...he even looks cute carrying a flower girl basket!!! :)

My precious princess!
The lovely couple!!!


Filleman Family said...

Looks very fun. That is a great family picture of you guys. Frame-worthy for sure.

Dos said...

Awesome! So sad we missed!~ Amy

Andrea Downing said...

yeah wedding pics! I have been waiting for these to get posted.

Jen - you look great! and your girls are adorable. Is it just me or does sam look like he's eye-ing up one of your girls? might want to talk to shag and lex about that :)

Janet Yates said...

Those are great pictures. You all look so good! It was a great wedding!!

Jen said...

Yes Andrea, I think it's Emi...which is so funny since Alyssa's pretty sure her and Sam are going to get married! I laughed when I saw that picture, bcs seriously she says she's going to marry him every time she sees him or sees a picture of him!!! :)

Theresa said...

Your girls looked adorable at that wedding!! precious...