Friday, April 16, 2010

Shamrock Farms

On Tuesday we got to go take a tour of Shamrock Farms with part of our play group. It was really fun, I was very impressed with the program they have there...I'd definitely suggest going if you can. :)
The fake cheese least they're both looking at the camera! ;)
It was STINKY! ;)
Feeling what it's like for the cows during the milking process.

Enjoying yummy ice cream and milk after the tour. :)
Cute story from Alyssa: After the tour, on the way to lunch with Nate, I was asking the girls what their favorite parts were. The play ground and baby cows were their favorites. Then Alyssa said, "I know what your favorite is." (I'm thinking, yeah the ice cream! LOL) I asked her what my favorite was and she said, "getting to go see daddy for lunch!" So true. :) I love how sweet this little girl is!


Dos said...

I feel for those ladies! Almost done being a cow myself :) ~Amy

Theresa said...

I love the shot of Emi's holding her cute! Glad it was fun!