Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cali Trip - Part 2 The Beach

We had such a great time at Disneyland...but we're SO thankful to end the vacation with a couple low key days, just eating, sleeping, and building sand castles! :)

Here's some pics of 2 little bunnies playing in the grass right outside the window. The girls loved watching them walk around and eat their carrots.

Yummy donuts for breakfast!

We found a great beach, 'baby beach', in a little cove so there were no waves. The kids loved running in and out of the water.

Emi tried so hard to fill this little pail up with water and carry it up to the sand castle, but it'd be empty every time. What perseverance this girl has! :)

Our little mermaid!
Our pathetic sand castle! LOL

Emi 'reading' her books on the patio. :)
Dinner at the wharf.

Looking at an otter (or something???, i can't remember) that followed a fishing boat in.
Ice cream and a beautiful sunset to finish a wonderful trip!

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