Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun day at the Children's Museum!

Last week a friend invited the girls and I to come to the Children's Museum and be on the news! Fox10 was going to be there doing a segment on the new climbing structure. So we were able to go an 1 hour before it opened and check it out. Then when the museum opened we got to go enjoy the rest of it. The girls had such a great time!
Here's the link to the news clips if you want to check it out...the girls are shown a couple times throughout the clips.
Goofy pic. :)

She tried so hard!

Alyssa in the flying tub. :)

I love how Emi found a puzzle in the midst of a huge play room (the kitchen/grocery store area) and that's what she choose to play with, that's my girl! :)

They LOVE picking flowers, this entertained them for quite a while!

They loved painting the castle. :)

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Heather said...

I love seeing how your girls play at the museum. My boys have never stopped to pick flowers. ;)

We had fun seeing you!