Monday, July 27, 2009

Emi and babies

I've posted about this before....Emi LOVES babies(which includes anyone her size or smaller)!  Sometimes she loves them a little too trying to pick them up or hug them until they fall to the ground!  
Yesterday we got to spend the morning with the Williams' family and Emi loved it!  As we were driving there we were telling the girls how they were going to be able to get to play with Trey and Tyson and how much fun they're going to have.  All of a sudden all you hear from the back is "BABY, BABY!!!!"  ...oh yes, we didn't mention baby Brooklyn!  The highlight for Emi was definitely going to see baby Brooklyn...and she actually ended up even getting to feed Brooklyn a bottle!  She took her job so seriously and loved every minute of it.  I wish I took a picture, it was very precious. :)  ...then when she was done being gentle and sweet to Brooklyn she went and played tackle with the boys! ;)
It was a great morning for all!

*Picture above is when Emi wanted to sit on the floor and eat her breakfast on the stool.  Silly girl!


Amy said...

She is so sweet and did SO WELL with Brooklyn! They played tackle? lol

Cristina said...

So sweet! So you were in the hood and didn't stop by tho say hi!!!

Jen said...

Ok, ok, 'girl' tackle! ;)

Sorry Cristina...had to rush home for naps! :)