Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Emi's 2!!!

Boo bear is two!  It's crazy to me that she's two already...and that we're done with baby stage for good (at least in our plans).  She doesn't think it's crazy though, she actually thinks she's THREE!  It's too funny, we'll say Emi how old are you and she'll say THREE!  Or we'll say are you two and she'll say no THREE!  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to skip the 2's. ;)
She's so fun right now.  She's starting to not put everything in her mouth, so since she's not eating crayons we've been able to start coloring a little.  She still loves playing with her babies and does a great job being their mommy.  She wants to do everything her sister does (which is probably why she says she's 3!)...she wants to ride a bike (as soon as she can reach the pedals!), she goes potty (most of the time), and the thing she is learning most from her sister is pretending.  Alyssa has such a great imagination and Emi is really picking up on how to pretend.  It is so cute!
One cute thing Emi has just started to do is pray.  She'll fold her hands and say, "pray mommy, pray daddy, pray sister, pray ME...amen...YEAH!!!"  :)
Huge praise from her 2 year check-up is that she is 24lbs, which is in the 20%!!!  For her height she is somehow in the 70-90%..not sure how that happened???  Thank you Lord for a happy, healthy 2 year old!
I love this little girl so much!

Here are some pics of my sweet little Emi's birthday party and birthday 'day'...

It was a puppy theme (she's loves puppies!!).  We had cupcakes decorated like puppies and ones with candy dog bones on them.
Here's Emi with her cousin Emma...Emma made sure to take special care of Emi during the party! :)

Emi was having a hard time blowing out her candle, so she decided to eat the flame!  We pulled it away just in time.

Emi LOVED opening her presents....and that's pretty much it.  She would open it super fast and then just throw it aside and go on to the next one!  Once we got home we 're-opened' the presents and actually looked at them, and she has loved playing with all of them since.
Her 1st Barbie!
A new baby!!!

Here she is enjoying her new lamb pillow.
She loves that her new baby came with her own potty, now they can go to the bathroom together!
She loves 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' so she was very excited to read her new book, 'Baby Bear, Baby Bear.'
"I'm ready to garden daddy!"
Her very own dress up. :)

Here's us at Joe's Farm Grill enjoying her birthday breakfast.

Then we headed to Build-a-Bear where she got to make her own puppy.  (Alyssa got to bring her bear along for a bath.)  :)


Amy said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Emi!

Filleman Family said...

very fun party - we love Joe's for birthday breakfast too! good idea to let just Em make a dog and have Lyss bring her bear for a bath

Andrea Downing said...

Happy Birthday Emi! Jen I love the picture of you and the girls - so cute and you look great!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Sorry we missed the party. It looks like it was so much fun!

Cristina said...

What fun pictures! Where did you guys have the party?

Jen said...

At a's really cool, we should definitely have play group there this summer! :)